web development in pakistan

Web Development  in Pakistan

Marketing92 is a smart website design and development firm that delivers cost effective and authentic solutions. We design and develop websites after research and analysis and our turnkey
solutions improve ROI significantly. Whether its small static website or huge e-commerce based website,
Marketing92 ensures you cutting edge development solutions that exceeds your expectations.

Our team of highly skilled graphic designers as well as flash animators is truly expert in
developing professional websites. Our web designers excel in delivering true image of your business
through the functionality and creative design of your website. At Marketing92, we create an
impressive image of small and med-sized businesses to give them a sharp edge over their competitors.

Website Development in Pakistan

Web design and development in pakistan is carried out in a systematic and structured way. Our project development
team consults and collaborates with customers to grasp their brand essential online requirements.
Client’s concept is grasped, scope of the desired website is gauged, target visitors are taken into
account, services and products features discussed thoroughly and finally developers encode it in
a best available web development technology. In the second stage quality assurance tests are done
that includes W3C regulations compatibility and tweaking up is done before finally handing the website
to our clients.

At Marketing92, we are experts in different development platforms like HTML, CSS 3, PHP,
WordPress, OpenCart etc, with a key objective of delivering top quality websites to our clients.

Static Websites

Best suits to budget conscious customers not requiring recurring changes but a definitive intro
about their profile, business, service or products.

Dynamic Websites
Dynamic websites also termed database driven sites consists of web pages, generated on the move
and they are easier to maintain than static websites. A dynamic website can handle thousands and
thousands of pages and content can be edited without changing the layout by several users.

CMS Based Websites
Content Management based website allow multiple users from the back end to add, edit and delete web contents easily without any changes to front end website.

E-Commerce Website
Put simply if you want to sell your products or services it is the best option to get your site developed and increase your revenue.

Web based application development is not like building simple websites.
Web applications are complete softwares which should be programmed by experienced Programmers.
It requires strong knowledge of programming, databases, servers and lots of other stuff.
I am sure you will find plenty of novice designers/developers who are always willing to
make applications for extremely low cost. Once you hire them, no matter how well they start
they will invariably end up with incomplete mess.